Next Generation Sensors for The Construction Industry



We aim to become Leaders of IoT technology for the construction industry, utilizing cloud base data analytics in order to enhance process efficiency.
We see the construction site as a production floor where data driven decisions will enable the process to be more accurate and shoreter delivery times.


Currently focusing on enhancing the construction process by sensing concrete strength and other properties using advanced technologies, enabling major cost and time reductions for construction sites.


An innovative sensing method.

We have developed an IP protected method in order to measure the concrete strength and other characteristics, that is based on a novel physical affect and a trade secret material. 
We offer smart sensors, incorporated into the concrete of any construction element, that can monitor very accurately its strength, temperature, humidity and conductance, in real time and provide projections on the exact curing dynamics and strength development. After the construction is done, our system will continue to monitor the structure health. 

Currently developing our first prototype


How it works

Sensors –Edge Processing

Sensors placed inside the concrete pours on the construction site, providing measurements on the concrete strength, humidity,  temperature and conductance 


Value Proposition

Direct measurement





Our Team

Oran Weiss

Co-Founder & CEO,
Electrical Engineer, B.Sc.


Oran brings extensive experience as system engineer at Elbit. He has an entrepreneurial orientation as well as a systematic vision and wide experience working with sensors and calibration processes, leading development process of multidisciplinary systems comprises of hardware, software, mechanics and algorithms.

Oleg Naigertsik

Physical Chemistry, M.Sc..

Oleg has over 20 years of industrial experience in Israel, out of which 15 are in Elbit in top engineering and technology positions, with an emphasis on advanced production processes in the fields of electronics and optoelectronics. He registered 8 patents in different fields.

Dr. Ilya Merhasin

Chief Scientific Officer,
Physics, Ph.D.

More than 25 years of experience in academy and industry research, specializing in the fields of applied mathematics, modeling, signal processing, electronics, systems compatibility, physics, materials and more. Publications in leading physical scientific journals. Working for large companies (such as Rafael, Motorola) and universities in Israel (Tel Aviv university, Weizman Institute of Science) and abroad

Dr. Michael Gavshin

Senior Researcher,
Solid State Physics, Ph.D.

With over 20 years of experience in academia and industry, Michael brings extensive knowledge and experience with both research and production of ceramic materials. specializing in complex mathematical calculations, multivariable physical models and FPGA-based digital circuit design. He holds a patent in the field of lead-free piezo-ceramic and 3 journals.


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